Jan 25, 2011

Thanks Nicklas

Just have to tell u about my saturday that turned
out really well:

We had a 2.5 hour ice practice. With alot of skating
with and without the puck. You should have seen
my face after that, pretty red. We needed a
tough practice, It felt good afterwards though.
In the morning I missed my brother Jareds
game, couldent find the rink at the GPS so I went
to my rink and was going to wait for my practice
to start. Got an awsome text from my friend that
was in town and got tickets for the game, Toronto
vs Washington. So Haleigh, I, Rhys and Ted went.
This is from outside ACC.
And this is from the inside, alot of people!
Rhys saw his favorite team win against Toronto,
glad that Jonas diden´t play in the net for the Leafs.
Nicklas did two assists, they won with 4-1, great!
Nicklas, I , Ted, Karl and Rhys after the game,
Rhys was happy and got their autographs.
Appreciate this alot my friend, Thank you!
Then we went to the Real Sports bar.

I had some dinner and drinks with my friends.

Haleigh and Ted, pretend to play
baseball. Thank u so much Ted,
you are a great person and very
sevice minded!


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