Jan 31, 2011

Last couple of days

Some pictures from this week:

At Cade´s skating practice with all the kids, every
monday and wednesday. They are 3-4 years old.

Cade is doing great and I try to learn him to skate
like a really good girl =) I hope Ted does´t read this.

SVT (Swedish sports tv) was here and visited me,
I am glad you guys came Per and Marie, It was
nice to see you, thank you for coming!!

I took mine and my brothers skates for
sharpening. I am my own equipment manager..

Had a great dinner with my girlfriends, Dina,
Linnéa and Mary. We had alot of dessert, or I did..

Bruccetta ala Linnéa.

They girls showed me how to dance to the Xbox

Wonderful weather today, I saw the sun, me like.

Haliegh´s GPS today, written on a white
paper, love it!

We lost the game against Toronto today with 1-0..
I am so mad at myself that I could´t score and
that we lost. I hate to loose and this was one
of the toughest losses this season.. We went for
some food afterwards at Boston Pizza.
We where watching the Allstar game at the tv,
team Lidstrom won! Sommer is waving in the
I had pasta with chickenbreast and some garlic
bread, of course they have extra cheese on top!

When I came home we went downstairs to the
basement and watched Tangled, a lovely movie
from Disney.

Me and the boys in the basement, Fran joined
us later to.
Some games are just hard do forget, but you have
to move on. Next game is in Montreal, we play them
away next weekend. Lets go Ladies!



  1. You have a very nice family back ther in Canada. Love to see you happy my friend.

  2. Fin mössa du har på "hockeyskolan" :D bästa laget...