Jan 13, 2011

So far so Good

It´s been a great week so far. Had some great
practises on ice and off ice, spent time with my
family and the kids, spent time with my friends,
had some great food, seen the sun.....
Coach Pat is talking.

My new linemates, Fergie and Heart.

Me and Ashley.

Our red line.

I will remember mondays practise for the rest of my life,
it was a great one. Thanks ladies!

I washed big parts of my hockey equipment,
smells good now.

Started to snow alot this tuesday, I came home
late and started to shoveled some snow.
Miss Kennedy in her Pink outfit.

My youngest brother Cade, kissing his girlfriend

Dinner with all the Swedes. Patrik, Linnéa,
Andreas, Oscar, Jessica, Mick and Alex.

Have a great day! Heading to Niagra Falls.


  1. Nämen va trevligt att ni träffades allihopa! :)

    Ta hand om dig, kram syster.

  2. Jag håller också på lär mig åka skridskor, bäst du passar dig:) Kram