Jan 4, 2011

Sweden vs Russia

Went to Buffalo today to see our Swedish junior
team play against Russia. Thank u Mr Fransson!

Left Canada for a couple of hours.

On our way to Buffalo.

Crossed the boarder to US.

Swe vs Can, go Sweden go! Was cheering for
my AIK guys Nehmet and Rakell.

To bad we lost the game in the shoot outs, lets
win the bronze game!!!

Met my friends in the suite, Johan Lindvall
from Svenska Spel, Jörgen Lindgren from our
Swedish ice hockey federation, Kent Angus from
Nike and Haliegh. Thank u guys for a great company!
Swedish and Canadian fans.

We stayed and watched Canada beat US, that
was a great game, I have a clue who will win the
gold medal in the final game on wednesday.
Look at the audience, amazing!
Me and all our Swedish Media people. On my
back Niklas Wikegård, David Fjäll on Mikael
Renbergs back, the best Marie Lehmann, Chris,
Swedish filmmakers and Haleigh.
Gonna be sooo tired at the gym tomorrow morning.
Have a nice day Sweden & Sleep well Canada.


  1. Om det hade funnits en like knapp så hade den sista bilden varit ett klick! Roliga ni är.

    Ta hand om dig,

    Kram Sandra

  2. Chockad!
    Hoppas att ni båda mår bra iaf!