May 21, 2010

A story from the Olympics

Jag fick ett mail från min vän Tim häromdagen där han berättade en historia från OS i Vancouver. Såhär såg det ut:

Hi Danni!

I thought I would mention to you that during the winter Olympic games I was getting ready to watch the Canada versus Sweden women´s game.

On our biggest sport news coverage channel (CBC) was a fairly new commentator and former women´s star Cassie Cambell!! She started the broadcast by saying how she was looking forward to watching the game and continued to say that one of the best women players in the world on Team Sweden had aspired to play in Canada the next season.

I coulden´t believe what I just heard! On national Tv! And I already knew about it. When I returned home from Sweden last November and after having a few disscussions with Danni about her and she thinking about coming to Canada and play....I told a few people.

After Cassie said it on Tv... I had numerous messages asking if I had seen it myself. I knew from watching over the years that Danni and Cassie had a huge rivalry and where tough competitors.

It was great for Cassie to say that on national TV... that should make for a mutch easier and smooth transition for Danni!!

Wishing you all the best!

your friend,

Skills consultant to the Montreal Canadiens and Hamilton Bulldogs

-Thank you Tim for telling me that story and thank you both Tim and Cassie for helping me to coming to Canada and play.
Best regads Danni

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