Oct 31, 2010


We played 2 games in Boston this weekend and
the second game was a really good game but we
lost both, 3-0 and 6-4. I scored my first goal today,
finally, but it is time to win now. Good luck team-
mates next weekend when I am away!

On our trip to Boston, Nina, Kelly, Mallory, Ashley
and I infront of the Niagra Falls.

-Team Burlington 2010-

It was a 9 hours bus trip, we watched
some movies and I slept a couple of hours.

In Boston at Harvards fotball stadium.

We played the first game at Kesslers (our goalie)
home rink, Harvard.

Me and my roomie Sommer´s hotel room.

We had a nice hockey smell in our room, with
both our bags.

Second game was played at Wittmore Center Arena,
University of New Hampshire.

I got a ride to Boston airport and I waited there
for 5 hours to meet my Swedish national team.
I talked to John and my friend Robert on Skype
during the time. I found a great seat at Starbucks,
and spent all my hours there. I occupied one of
the two tables=)
I got to meet the dentist of Calgary Stampeders,
Dr Bryant Tomimoto. He had a huge Stampede
ring that he won with the team.
Time to meet my national team now!

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  1. Lycka till med team Sweden nu, se till att ge allt. Synd att ni förlorade andra matchen men ni kommer att komma igen.

    Kramar Sandra!