Oct 29, 2010

Happy Halloween

I was hoping I could get a real Halloween this year, but
we are heading to Boston today with my team to play two
games this weekend. But yesterday I got to celebrate it a
little with all the kids that Fran is babysitting and my little

Cade as Woody.

Kennedy as a skunk and a baby punpkin.

All the cute kids with Fran in the middle, it took
us 30 minutes to get there.

Ted is preparing the pumpkins for us.

This costume is so cool, Rhys as a polar bear, ready
to play hockey.

I am carving my first pumpkin.

The results of our carving! My Dad did the batman
and I did the scary face.
Now it´s time for breakfast and practice on ice
before we are leaving from Burlington.
See u!

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