Jun 13, 2011

Last weekend

What a great week on and off the ice and a great last weekend:

Had a great week with the boys and the girls on the ice.

I probably had one of my funniest shift ever with Aussie

and Megan against the boys, thanks for that!!

As soon as I get the chance and the weekend is coming up,

I am heading to the lake or the beach. I love the sun!!

Just like my Mom, and I train as my Dad =) I miss you!!

And my little sister Sandra and little brother Alex, miss u to!!

Me with all my girls that helped me on and of the ice for

the past 5 weeks, keep up the good work and enjoy

the summer ladies. And the best skating coach in the world, Dave.

The best Billee and Me.

Thanks Janice, Randy and Grant, you guys are Amazing!

Nice bbq dinner in tha backyard, love it!

All of us with the beautiful view of Kelowna in the back.

Thanks my friends for a great bbq and a great weekend!

Just one more Monday in Kelowna and I know it will be a good one.

Lots of Love / Danni

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