Jun 4, 2011

Lovely Friday

It´s been a great week in Kelowna, it went by very fast! We had alot

of ice practises and spend some hours at the gym:

My camera runned out of batteries 2 weeks ago so I have used my Samsung cell phone,

thats why some pictures are blurry. Just got 3,2 mega pixel camera on that one,

but it´s better then nothing, right! So easy to send the pictures to my

computer through Bluetooth, love it!!

My life in the looker room.

Ready for some ice!

Did some testing at the gym yesterday and today.

Happy girls!

We had to throw a ball as far as we could..

Jump as high as we could..

More jumping..

Some abs..

Flexibility.. also runned 1 mile, did as many push ups as possible.

Billiee is testing tha scary machine at the gym, she survived! Haha.

I am addicted to this!!!! Youghurt and fresh berries. I am so

glad that I am practising every day so I can eat as much as I do.

I am hungry ALL the time. Eat about 5 meals a day, crazy.

Lovely sunny friday, went to the beach after my practise and

lunch. So nice!!

They say it will be a great weekend, I will enjoy every minute of it!

I wanna hand out some Golden Stars :

* To Murray for charging my camera battery!

* To Dan for helping me with my car couple of days ago!

* To the Girls for practising hard this week!

* To Randy & Janice for having me stay at your house!

* To Dave for making me skate hard!

See you soon / Danni

Miss my family, see you in two weeks!!!

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