Jan 24, 2012

Happy Moment

My Dad is here for a couple of days,
enjoying my great company.

Dad, down town Dmitrov.

Me and Dad.

Kim, Dad and I in the elevator.

Dinner for three.

Then movie time and Elin joined us. We watched Colombiana,
it was really good!

We also played against Fakel today, we won big time, 15-1.
I had such a great time out there on the ice today. Our line
played great and I scored 3 goals and had one assist. I guess
I got some extra energi from my Dad. New game tomorrow.

Bedtime, Night /Danni

1 comment:

  1. Tur att pappa inte är bloggare, han är ingen hejare på spegelbilder :D Ser ut som ni har det bra. Ha det bäst så ses vi snart på Arlanda, utanför term 5 står jag och blåa faran.