Oct 5, 2012

Lovely Days

My loved ones are here to visit me. I have had 4 amazing days, great food, a trip to Italy,
we´ve laughed alot, amazing ice creams, cozy nights on my balcony, suprises...

Cecilia made delicious pancakes for us. Just mash two banans and ad 5 eggs, start frying!
So easy and soooo good. Perfect recovery meal with alot of protein and carbs.

We have been to the gym, had a workout with my fitness coach
Daniel Hedin.

The truth.

Took Cecilia to the rink, she came with us on the ice.
I love that she had her skates in two plastic bags to the rink (Hemköp påsar).

She was on the red Team, and she scored alot, was so fun to have her on the ice.
Last time I was with her on the ice was with the Swedish National Team 2010.
We have alot of great memories from all the camps we have been to.

The two of us.

I fell out on the ice when I was going out for a shift, Shannon came right after and fell on top of me, 
I had to pay the team 10 swiss franc for that haha.

Me with the puck.

We played in the end and the red Team had to do 10 push ups everytime
we scored, vice versa.

And that happened two times in a row for Cecilia, so I made sure that she made them properly.

Preparing for another cozy night at my balcony.

What a great dinner, food, company, waiter, dessert.

Cecilia and I in Italy.

To my Love.

Have a great weekend my friends / Danni

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