Oct 14, 2012

World Girl´s Ice Hockey Weekend

Welcome to the World Girls' Ice Hockey Weekend tracker on 13/14 October 2012. We keep you updated here with events in 30 countries. The result will be a collection of images and reports from a weekend full of fun for girls all over the world. The stories will be posted in chronological order as we get them with the newest ones on top. More than 300 events with thousands of girls are expected as part of this global campaign.

Note: next year the World Girls' Ice Hockey Weekend will be staged on 12/13 October 2013. If you have any questions or want to be included in the communications for next year, send an email to wgihw@iihfoffice.com.

This is some of my pictures to show you all what I do to support hockey.
Both girls and boys, all over the world:

Me and my younger Sister Sandra, she also plays ice hockey back home in Sweden.

As much as I can I am always helping girls and boys to develop on and of the ice.

 At Atlantic Ice Warriors Camp in New Foundland in Canada.

 First time you step out on the ice, it is important to have support and fun.

Stina, Me and Lisa att our home rink in Sweden Ritorp.

Me with two young girls in Toronto.

Sandra, Daniella and Me playing hockey at New Years Eve.

Look at this upcoming hockey star, all dressed up in Bauer equipment.

 So many cute girls between 2 and 5 years old in Burlington, Canada.
Every where I go, I always help out with kids skate. So happy to help
all those girls and boys and to teach them how to skate.


 Teaching my little canadian brother Cade to skate.


 This was Cade two years ago. I miss you Cadie!

In Sweden, teaching kids how to shoot. We where in Sälen, a ski resort, 
with Olympic Day in march. We had no ice rink, so we had a net so the kids could
come and practise on their shoots.

There is no guarantee that says that you will win something big.
But if you do you best, have fun and do what you love, there
will be alot of great moments. And they will last for a lifetime.

You meet so many great friends through hockey.

Me and my friends, just playing hockey for fun when I am home in Sweden for New Yers Eve.

Children are our future so teach them well and support them. People and especially kids needs someone to look up to. It is our responsibility to show them the way and believe in them. I will always do, I will always help them live their Dreams.