Nov 25, 2010

First skating

Cade was skating for his first time ever yesterday!

Fran is dressing him for his skating.

I helped Cade on the ice, and he was so good!
He had great balance, even thogh it was his first
time ever on the ice. And he enjoyed every minute
out there!

Cade in the red Canadian jersey with his friends
on the ice.

Cade is trying to get up by himself.

I helped him out a couple of times.

Cade, Me and Hudson after the skating.

And when we where going back to the car, Cade sad:
"I am so proud of you Danni, for helping me out there"
Me and Fran almost started crying, that was so cute!!


1 comment:

  1. God Bless the little kids. They are so appreciative!!!

    Keep up the good work Danni...