Nov 16, 2010

Pictures from 4-nations

Here is some pictures from our 4 Nations cup
that we played with the national team last week.

The view from the top of the mountains in St Johns,
to bad I missed that, but our staff was there and
some of our players went there.
We have alot of equipment and hockeybags, that
we had to move when we traveled between different
Me, Tess "kattens morsa" and Holst at the hotel.

Two of our best defensmen in the tournament,
Johanna Malmström and Linnéa Bäckman. Linnéa
#4 played her first time with the national team and
played great, she is born -91.

Me on the warm up before the game against US.

Preparing for the national anthem on the blue line.

Head coach Niclas with the team on the ice practice.

The girls is celebrating after a win in the "three in a row"
competitionon the ice.
Two of our goalies, Sara Grahn and Kim Martín
before the game starts.

Preparing for the "ring" before the game starts.

Our lovely physiotheraphist Åsa as a

Off ice practice.

Our doctor Åsa had to sew a few stitches on Anders,
our goalie coach, after a goalie practice. He got the
puck just below his eye.

Girls can be dangerous on the ice =)
Right Valentina?

My off ice workout with the girls.

I went to our doctor to get some help with my
toe, and came back to my room with this package, haha.
It is not as bad as it looks like..

This is something you just find in a canadian
dressing room, a reindeer on the wall. And Valentina´s
and Sara´s Abercrombie "boyfriend".
I don´t get the ice tub thing, It´s to coold for me,
good job girls.

Me and Kim´s bathroom at the first hotel.

Our bedroom, with big lovely beds, thats one thing
thats better over here.

This is a normal washroom in Canada, not alot of
privacy. We are not use to those in Sweden.

Our sticks outside the dressing room.

The girls at Bostons airport when they arrived,
they where tired after a long trip. We learn to
get to sleep anywhere..
The youngsters in the dressingroom.

Another dressingroom..
And now I am back home in Burlington with my
Canadian family and all the kids, love it!
Our next game with Burlington is on Saturday
against Boston at 7 pm at Appleby Ice Centre.

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