Nov 29, 2010

Win aginst Toronto

Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!! We won our game
today against Toronto, with 4-1. It was a tough
game and Kessler did some amazing saves.
Great work ladies! I am very proud!

My friend Kennedy and her parents came and
cheered for us today, I am glad you guys came!

My brothers, Cade, Jared & Rhys cheered for us
to. Fran, Apa,Papa and Brian, Thank u for coming!
I will not forget Mats & Jimmy for bringing the
good luck =)

Sam with the puck.


Team Barracudas after the win, lovely!

We had an autograph session right after the game.

Alot of young girls and boys got our autographs,
both from Burlington and Toronto. This is all
my teamates.

I met alot of young hockeyplayers.

And some where very small and very cute!

Had a big dinner at home before we had a
family dinner at East Side Marios, so
I just got some bread and a baby pizza,
and of course Ice tea.

Good night / Danni


  1. Congrats on your win against Toronto!!!


    Puss och Kram Sandra