Nov 7, 2010


A near-capacity crowd of 2000 fans packed
Sidney J. Watson Arena on friday night to see
us play against US. I love challenges, at it was
a great game to play.
We had a great lunch at the college this gameday.

Emma, Erika an I in the van.

Warm up off-ice.

All of us..

And then warm up on ice, me in my game jersey.

Before the game starts we listen and sing our
national anthem, while standing on the blue line.

Sara Grahn, our goalie, had ha tough game. She
saved 56 shots and did a great job even though
we lost the game with 4-1.

We had some Swedish fans in the audience.
Thank you for your support, I´t means alot!
I got a great tip and scored 1 goal for our team,
assisted by Emma Eliasson.
We are now preparing for our next game against
Finland in St:Johns 9th of november

If you want to see some games in the 4-nations cup

Best regards Danni

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