Nov 5, 2010

Great practise

Holst, Tess & Åsa outside Sidney J. Watson Arena,
where we practise.

We started the practise today with alot of games,
this was three in a row. We won this, the game and
I also won the eating competition this evening, good
job Lisa and Madde!

Coach is speaking..

..and we listen.

Me in my new training jesey. Happy that our
team equipment arrived.

My lunch today.

After lunch we went out teamshopping, and had a
teamdinner at a nice restaurant.
Me, Tess and Holst in their room.

I found some christmas gifts, theme: Pink.

Good night!

1 comment:

  1. Antar att jag leder kommentarligan nu, känns bra ;)

    Skönt att se lite blågult på bloggen igen. Ni ser ut att ha det riktigt bra där borta. När har ni nästa match?

    Jag skickade ett mess till dig imorse hoppas du inte vaknade.

    Puss och Kram lillstrumpan