Nov 22, 2010


Met my Swedish friends yesterday in Toronto,
we had some food, went to a hugely mall and
had a nice dinner at home.

Me, Kimpa, Emelie and Filip in Eaton Centre.

We should have seen Santa Claus in the parade,
but my planes changed and I went to a mall
with all the Swedes. Emelie showed me the store
called Forever 21, and I think we where in there
for one hour. We did some shopping and after
that we grabbed some coffe at Starbucks before
we went home.

Me and Emelie went to buy som groceries, made
a lovely dinner and then it was time to me to get
to the train that took me home to Burlington,
Jonas signed some things for me before I had to go,
good luck at tonights game!!
I passed CN Tower, beutiful by night!

Ted picked me up at the train station , Thank you
so much!! When I came back home, they had started
to put up all the christmas decorations and christmas
trees. So cozy! Just have a couple of gifts left to buy,
almost done!
Sorry Haleigh and Nina for my changed plans yesterday!
Time for a little run now and tonight it´s ice practice
with the team!

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  1. Vilken fin julgran jag vill också ha en sån. Va roligt att umgås med lite svenskar.

    Ha det bäst, puss!