Nov 21, 2010

Our first win!

Finally!! We got to win, against Boston tonight.
I´t such a great feeling, now I know why I
love this sport so much!
Nr 55.
I got into a battle with a player from Boston..

..we both played hard & tough..

..but her team mate didn´t liked it and pushed me,
and got her self a penalty, thank you ref! I
was lucky I diden´t get one..

We had alot of chanses to score today, her is
Sam with a back hand pass, Me and Becki where
ready to shoot.

It was very fun to play today, Congratulations
Sommer for the player of the game award!

After three periods, we won with 5-1!

Happy girls!! Good work today Burlington!!

Thank you Fran for taking some pictures!



  1. Grattis krooookie! Hoppas du har det bra och att vi ses snart! Passa på att vinna några fler matcher nu! /Adam

  2. Äntligen!!!! Grattis det behövde du och laget. Nu ska du se att det kommer mer...kämpa på!
    Ska bli kul att ses igen här hemma när det blir jul. Tills dess får du ha det så bra.
    Kram <3

  3. Sandra von schwesterNovember 22, 2010 at 9:27 AM

    Skönt med en vinst, trumma vidare nu!

    Puss och Kram <3

  4. Thank you so much guys!
    We have many games left this season but it´s a good start and we needed that energi we got from that win!
    Take care!! See u back home in Sweden soon!

    Hugs Danni