Nov 28, 2010

Friday & Saturday

I went to the Real Sports bar in Toronto
this friday with some friends.

With over 25,000 square feet and 199 TVs it
is pretty much impossible to miss the game, or games.

We had some starters and I had a meal, hungry
as always. Thank you so much Ted Wilkie for taking
care of me and my friends.
Moulson, "MTV", Bevan and Shaw.

The big screen in the centre of the main viewing
area, touted as the largest indoor HDTV in north

The Swedish newspaper was here today, Mats and
Jimmy from Aftonbladet, they are coming to our
game tomorrow against Toronto. We play at Appelby
Ice Centre at 12.30, welcome!
Made my pinaple pie for dessert after our family dinner.

Cade in his Swedish outfit today.
Have a nice weekend / Danni

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