Nov 11, 2010

Thank u Clarenville!

Some pictures from Clarenville.

We had a tough game against Canada wednesday
night, we lost with 8-1. I want to thank Todd and
all the fans that supported us through the practices
and the two games, you where great!!
Nr 28 on the ice.

We had some pre-practise and pre-game warm up
sessions with Ryan Power. Thank you Ryan for your
inspiration and preparing the "gym" for us with
all the great equipment!! All the girls appriciated you!

Me, Kim and Erika.

My roomie on this trip, our great goalie Kim Martín.

And we had some great food at Terra Nova Resort,
a great chef and staff that took care of us.


  1. Danijela, it was our pleasure hosting you and enjoyed watching your talented team!
    Tack, tack, tack sa mycket! (I hope that is right!!!)

  2. It was great entertainment. THANK YOU!!!

  3. Danijela,

    Thank you and your team for visiting Clarenville. You provided an awesome spark to our town. All the players are highly skilled. Safe and happy travels!