Nov 16, 2011

Back to Russia

Back to business, flying back to Russia in a couple of hours.
Came back to Stockholm and home after our tournament
with tha natonal team this past sunday. So monday ond tuesday
was my time to work on my "to do list". And I did excellent:

So happy to have my phone back, they repaired my camera.
I had 7 tough days without it, but now it´s ready to fly with
me home to Russia.

Went to watch the game AIK vs Djurgården with Eric, Alex
and Marcus. Big win AIK, 5-0. Nice to see my hockey family
again! Thanks again Jeanette!

Almost everything on my "to do list" is done!
Thanks to Marcus, for letting me borrow your lovely car!!!

Dinner with my family and lovely friends last night.
Love it.

Mom made all the food and she also made
some great cookies, soo good! Thanks Mom, volim te!

My favorite pie, Serbian Burek, can´t wait
for next family dinner in december.


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