Nov 30, 2011


Got this picture from my friend Frank in Florida today
saying: At work here in fort lauderdale at my office....stay warm !
Thanks Frank, enjoy! I am in the middle of my hockey season and
my skin is getting transparent. Would love to come visit soon.

Daydreaming about Florida every week. I had two wonderful
trips to Florida last year. One with my Canadian family and
one trip with my dear Friend Haleigh. Best trip ever.

We had a lovely white Jeep and drow from Orlando along the coast
all the way down to Miami. Stayed at our friends place and went to
the hot tube every night. Watched some great hockey, met alot of great
people and had alot of sun stops.It was unreal.

Haleigh and I in februari.

Haleigh as a lifeguard, hope to see you in Florida next year :)

Would love to have a hockey camp there soon, lets see what we can do.


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