Feb 20, 2011

Burlington vs Brampton

Lost big time today, 1-9 against Brampton. Don´t know what I should write. We started the game good and scored the first goal, but I don´t know what happend after that. They had some great players with alot of speed and scored some great goals. Time to get ready for tomorrows game against Toronto at 12.30 at Appleby Ice Centre.

Watched my brother Jared´s game this morning, and he scored a goal!

Jareds wonderful teammate that got a penalty. Dropped his stick,
and took his helmet of. He could not even see over the boards,
love it!
Burlington vs Brampton, my team is singing the National anthem.

We where missing some players so I had to play center,
wing and defence. It was a bit different.

We had some penalty´s.

We played alot in our zone.

We better get ready for tomorrow, new day, new game.

It´s Ted´s birthday, Happy Birthday!!!

Me and my brothers.
Good night / Danni

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  1. Thanks for sharing. My son James was the one in the penalty box. The boys just love it when you come out for skating drills. Thanks for that too.

    Dan Lord