Feb 10, 2011

I definitely feel that I am in US, there are flags everywhere.

Also the palm trees, LOVE THEM!! So beutiful, wish
I had them in Sweden.

Florida Panthers arena is surrounded by Palm trees. We saw
Florida Panthers vs St. Louis Blues this past tuesday.

Beautiful view outside the arena by night.

We are cheering for Haleigh´s friend Mike, he played great!

Florida scored 1-0 in a powerplay.

Time for a fight. To bad they lost 2-1, look forward to a win
thursday night!!
Met some Swedes at the game. From Karlstad and Färjestad.
Thank´s guys for a great time and inviting us to your suite,
we appreciate it! See you all at tonight´s game.
Had a great morning workout in the morning, feels so
good afterwards.

Some grocery shopping, I love food and to eat it, always hungry.
That´s a live of a hockeyplayer.

We went for a nap on Fort Lauderdale Beach.

Ocean rescue.

We made dinner last night. Chicken, mozzarella, spinach, tomatoes
pesto, honey with pasta and garlic bread. Can´t go wrong, delicios!

We went to the hot tub last night. It´s my favorite!

Made us breakfast this morning, oatmeal with apples and cinnamon,
sandwiches with avocado and eggs.
Heading to Miami and South beach today, and watching Florida vs
Buffalo tonight at 7.30 pm.
Have a nice day /Danni


  1. U have palm trees in Trelleborg :) So we have them in Sweden :P Här e det snö storm. men tog ett varv runt kungsholmen
    / Libba

  2. Soooo fun! You guys look like you're having a great time!

    Great chicken recipe :)

    Miss you! xo

  3. Nice trip in Florida. Bravo Danijela.
    Have a good time in USA

    (a old supporter of montreal Stars)