Feb 23, 2011

Great Wednesday

What a great wednesday I had. Went out for a run, and then
had a litte workout at home. Got a Ups delivery to the front
door with two boxes full of Nike apparel!!!! Went down town
with my Dad and my friend Cam, had dinner at Real Sport´s
bar and then watched the game at ACC.

Me after my workout, when I got all my clothes delivered.
Another surprise, loved this surprise!

Happiest girl in the world, felt like Christmas. Thank´s
NIKE and Thank´s Kent, AGAIN!!!

Went down town with Cam and Dad.

Had dinner at Real Sport´s bar. Like the atmosphere, the
music and the food there. Thank´s again Ted!!

Met a real Leaf player at the game =) Mats
Sundin, we played 2 Olympics together.
Didn´t find Börje Salming..
So in the arena, ACC, I met my friend´s that just moved into
town. Of 22 thousen people that´s in there I meet them, amazing!
Fabian Brunnström and Sandy! Fabian and Jonas Gustavsson, our
Swedes is playing for the Marlies tonight, Best of luck!!
National anthem before the game.

Leaf´s won with 2-1 against NY Islanders, it was a great game!
Thank´s for the tickets Cam!
Preparing for my game against Toronto tonight at MasterCard Center
tonight at 7.45 pm.

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  1. Hej. Hoppas det är ok att jag länkade till din blogg från wiki... din blogg är fantastisk och mer info om damhockeyn behövs! Men säg till om du vill att jag tar bort det.