Feb 4, 2011

I want to show u pictures of all the snow that came
yesterday but I haven´t took a picture yet, have to
show you all tomorrow..
I made lunch when we had our Snow day yesterday.

Swedish pancakes with fresh strawberries and
vanilla ice cream, a favorite!
Picture from last night on ice with my Canadian

Today I went to East Side Mario´s for dinner..

The Swedes at the restaurant, Me, Stephanie and Linnéa
I enjoyed the food and as always I had to much, my
food, big bowl of sallad and ALOT of bread. I was so full
and my belly was hurting when I was done with my dinner..
Our weitress was so funny, thank´s for all the cheese!
Thank you Linnéas mom for the Dumle!! (one of my
favorite candy), thank you Stephanie for bringing
it to Canada. Thank you Linnéa for the best lip gloss
ever and Thank you Jessica for my lovely necklace
that I´v got for christmas.
-It is all the little things that makes life so wonderful-
Tomorrow it´s ice in the morning, Sushi for lunch and
then head to Montreal for two games this weekend.


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