Feb 17, 2011

Friends & Hockey

My last two days with my lovely family, teammates and friends:

Went to Ikea for lunch before practice yesterday. Me and
Linnéa had meatballs, mashed potatoes, gravy and lingonberry
jam. Two days in a row, great!! Perfect meal for a good practice.
Of course we felt a bit Swedish!

Linnéa and Dena.

Michelle stopped by and said hi, and borrowed Cade´s knight mask.

We went to say goodbye to Nina last night with some friends.
She is leaving Canada for a national camp and then she will stay
home in Austria. Haleigh, Nina and Diane.
Scott and Dave.

Fran and I, my Canadian Mom. Thank´s for everything!
Tried something today that I´ve never done
before, Sledge hockey. This was my sledge
that I borrowed frommy friend Billy.
The guys where awesome! They had great balance, technique
and great shots.
I was impressed.

Thank´s Billy for inviting me, thanks for today boys! It was
a great experience and I had fun, I tryed and I did my best.
I will never forget this.
My favorite Kennedy with her Mom and newborn little sister Spencer.

Cade, Me and a wonderful little, little girl. So Cute!

We had practise at 6.30 today. Might be the last one with the team.
Have to get my own workouts, ice and skate at the treadmill with Rodney.
Only 1 month left in Canada, heading home to Sweden in march.
Only 4 games left of my season here.

Time for bed and my spike mat. Great for a sored back!
Good night North America, Good morning Sweden / Danni

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