Feb 1, 2011

Yesterday I helped out at a hockey camp that
Becky and Cheryl runs. The have hockey camp
for girls and they wanted me to come and talk
about my experience and sign some autographs.

Me with my teammate Becky and her two sons.

Brought a Swedish jersey and my medal.

Cheryl Pounder, Me and Becky Kellar. We have
played 9 Olympics all together, amazing. They have
alot of Gold Olympic medalls. Becky has 3 gold and
one silver and Cheryl has 2 gold. I have my Bronz
and my Silver and I am very proud of that.
At practice last night, Harty is shooting the puck.

Me and Blanch is trying to score on Kess.

Ted finished the ice in the backyard today,
good job! So he and Cade where the first one
to try it!

They celebrated after Cade´s goal! Yay!

Heading to my practice with the junior boys now.

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  1. Bonjour Danijela

    Nice rinks in the Backyard-garden: Be what the Swedish children like playing hockey behind houses? Or on public ice rinks? I shall like so much know the differences in Women's Hockey with your country.

    Environnement-Canada announces a big snowstorm in Ontario for tomorrow, I hope that it will not complicate the coming of Burlington Barracudas for this next weekend in Montreal. I shall be there to say '' bonjour'' to you and to your team.

    (a old fan of motreal Stars)