Feb 7, 2011

Weekend in Montreal

Spent my weekend in Montreal and played two games there,
both saturday and sunday:
My and Nina´s room.

We went for a walk in the old part of Montreal before
saturday´s game.
It was beutiful and sunny outside!

Blanch, Shaw, Kess and I.

Getting mad at Kelly at our team dinner..

...just kidding, we are friends, haha.

My hole team at the restaurant.

I had a steak with a baked potato, biggest steak
I ever had, enormous! My potato was big, see how
big the steak was compared to it?!!
Had Swedish supporters at my game today,
my former teammate Cecilia´s parents came and
cheered for us. Thank you Elisabeth and Ralph
for the gift!!! Because I´m so emotional, I startet
cryingt, it was so sweet of them.
They gave me swedish tart´s, cinnamon bun and "semla"!!

Always on the run, my meals aren´t always that
exclusive. My dinner on the bus on my way home
to Burlington.

Becky´s son Zachary in the back of the bus, watching
a movie. He kept us company this weekend, so cute!
We lost both games, sad but true. First one 6-3 and the secont one in a shootout. So we got one point from the leaders in the league, thats good. I scored 3 goals and one assist today, thats not typical me but it was fun. And no penalty?!! My team play great, good job ladies!! Thank´s Sam and Fergie for those two great games!

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  1. Bonjour Danijela
    Merci de votre visite à Montréal.
    Vous êtes une grande joueuse de Hockey.
    Et vos adversaires doivent avoir le plus grand respect pour votre travail.

    Prenez soin de vous, le hockey féminin a grandement besoin de joueuses comme vous

    un vieux supporteur du Montréal Stars