Oct 4, 2011

Early morning

Our alarm rang early this morning, 3.30 am (03.30 inatt).
We where in the bus at 3.45 am and where heading to the
airport in Ufa.

At Ufa airport in the middle of the night.

Departure 06.05, flew for two hours, fell asleep after 5 min
and woke up when we where landing.

We went to the grocery store, bougth some food to our
empty fridge. It was needed after a long roadtip.

Made dinner to my dear teammates Katia and Kim,
Katia brought a delicious soup, so good!!

Getting ready to start eating.

Been doing laundry the hole day..

The entire balcony is filled with our clothes, the
softening smells so good.

Spakojno noche Russia, Go natt Kära Sverige!

AIK, the mens team, is playing HV71 right now. We have the
lead with 6-2, keep up the good work!!


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