Oct 9, 2011

Pirate Party

So what is Danni doing when she´s not at the rink, workingout
or on the ice?

I am posting pictures and movies on my blog. Texting and
recieving texts from my loved ones. Skyping and sending

Going to the grocery store, trying to figure out
what it says on the signs. And buying what I need.

Experience alot of new stuff, here is a cow tongue (en ko tunga).
Already tried it, it was actually not bad.

I am making breakfast, lunch and dinners at home, this time
I made lovely Swedish pancakes. Takes forever to make them,
and 5 min to eat them, love it!

Cleaning and doing laundry.

Hanging out with my lovely friend and teammate ( och ryska sambo :)) Kim
and my teammates.

We went bowling last night for Katias Birthday.

Kim is the master of bowling so I was so excited
to win one round! Yay!

Me, Birthday girl Katia and Gashek.

Forgot to tell you that we had a pirate party.

Kim, I, Melissa and Elin.

And we got tatoos.

Here is one of mine, great job Elin. Glad that I could wash
it away when I got home though.

All the girls before we entered the pirate party at the club. The
funniest part is that NO ONE ELSE at the restaurant/club was
dressed as a pirate. Just us, the rest of the guests where all dressed up.

We had so much fun and I had a blast on the dancefloor!

This week we have alot practise on and of the ice, then
3 games coming up, starting on thursday at home. Hoping
to meet our Swedish friends in Moscow and explore the city to!

Night, and once again, Happy Thanksgiving my Canadians!



  1. Nice picture of you and your manager Miss D!

    We maybe have an even nicer picture at our homepage?

  2. Hi Pelle!

    Nice picture of you and Heden, you need a tan =)

    Have a great monday in Sweden!!

    Take care my friend

  3. Everybody needs a tan when they sit next to Heden!
    He actually lives in a solarium..
    What I need is a good starvation!! ;-)