Oct 26, 2011

This week

We started this week with a game, away against
a junior boys team. A short bus trip for 1 1/2 hour with some
soduko and good music.

Thought I´v seen it all, small locker rooms, but I guess not.
Almost comparable to the my friends locker rooms in NHL
and KHL :) Had to use my imagination to hang up my gear
because there where no hooks. We did great.

Tight and cozy. We won the game, 6-2. We played
a great game and there where some great battles
out there. I just love to play against great players and
compete against the best. I love the feeling when you
give your best and are a little bit nervous. There will
also always be a special feeling to win against boys, love it!

Appreciate your nice showers at home.

Yesterday we played some basketball, our black line did
so much better in the end. The yellow line kicked our butt
the first couple of minutes.

After some fun and basketball we went to the gym. I had
some rehab for my triceps and my back, feels so much better.

We had a great ice session today, I will always
remeber it.

Some stretching, Me and Kim in our locker room. I am
sooo stiff, working on my flexibility.

My lunch today, I always start with my pancakes, love it.

Then off to the Bank. We broke the record today, only 2 hours.
Thanks Katia for all your help!

Saw such a nice car on the way back from the rink.
Brand new Audi A6, and it belonged to my club director Sacha.

So we got a ride home, so nice! Love it!


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