Oct 6, 2011


I am craving ice cream, so I bought an M&M
ice cream. It was not as good as Smarties
ice cream but still very good.

Lasted for 48 hours...

This is how we buy milk in Dmitrov.
Press the play button to Play.

My ordinary breakfast here in Russia: Swedish oatmeal
(fiberhavregrynsgröt) with blueberries, 2 boiled eggs on hardbread
and a glas of milk. Then ready for pracrise!!

My jockstrap (susp/suspensoar) have worked with me
for a looong time, about 13 years I think. The past year, I have
probobly had to repair it 100 times. So today I got a new
one from my equipment manager, i don´t know if I should be
sad or happy?! We share some great memories my jockstrap
and I. I will miss you, stay in touch!!

Intresting how you can communicate with some words,
this is the way I order my lunch every day at the rink.
Press the play button.

My lunch today: Soup, sallad, 1 egg, chicken with mashed
potatoes, 1 panncake, water and a banana to go.

..done!! So good..

Now nap time! Danni

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