Oct 2, 2011

Wonderful day

At the gym yesterday, my abs are so sore today,
love it! But it hurt to laugh today, thanks Kristina :)

Water, ipod and my watch, the things I neet at the gym.
Anja and Elin kept me company too.

A short video from our game.

Kim got two penalty shots against her, here is one of them.

Marina, my dear teammate with her swollen hand after
fighting on the ice.

About 200 people in the stands at yesterdays game.

It was a big win, 9-1 in the second game against Ufa.

Went for dinner with our friends.

We had some great sushi, sooo good.

Sara, Melissa and I in the "marchuti", a kind of russin cab.
Actually a mini bus. Cost us 20 rubels for a 10min car ride,
that is like 5 swedish kr, very cheap!

A picture from the market outside the rink. Look at the guy
in the background with the ax, cutting the big pice of meat.
I diden´t buy any meat today :)

This is how our table looks like in our looker room,
ALOT of chocolate bars. But my part of the table is on
the other end, with all the banans.

After our workout and ice session today we got
watermelon, I LOVE IT!!! One of the best things
in life.

This is a mix of hockey, watermelon and musik,
press the play button to play the video.

Kim and I, eating watermelon in full gear.

After lunch we got tickets to watch KHL, Salavat Yulaev vs Metallurg.
We cheered for our Swedes Robert Nilsson and Erik Ersberg.

Our cute juniors sleeping in the bus back to the hotel.

Look at this dinner table, soooo nice!! We got a great dinner
and flowers on the World Girls Hockey Day. And some
more watermelon, could not get better then this.

Tomorrow we have the third and the last game against Ufa,
lets have a great game!!

Congratulations to my favorite team in Sweden, AIK, we won
against Leksand today, 4-1! Love it!


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