Oct 17, 2011

Woulden´t change a thing

Just got an incredible comment on my blog from an anonymous person:

Days spent on the ice, parties i missed, weekend hang outs blown, hours of hard work, tons of sweat, never ending plane rides, late night bus trips, times when you want to just give it all up, being on the road for your birthday, leaving the day after christmas for some tournament, missing school vacations and summer break to try out for teams, moving to a different state just because the teams are better, tears, blood shed, broken bones, snapped sticks, Trying to explain the game to your friends at school who have no idea what your talking about and dont know what hockey is about .

Would I change any of it. Hell No. Why? Because theres no better feeling in the world than when you come back to the bench and see your family, not your parents and sister, but your 17 brothers who are there to congratulate you after a huge hit, insane dangle, huge save, giving a sick dish and the best feeling of all winning the championship after months of hard work.
thats the life of a true hockey player

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on my blog!



  1. har den ryska damhockeyligan någon hemsida eller finns det någon annan sida där man kan följa lagen och spelarna?

  2. den är grym!:) skulle inte du kunna göra ett inlägg om din karriär,typ hur mycket du tränade och spelade när du var 14-16år och med vilka osv,din utveckling och allt:)